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Featured Magic ActsJames Cielen - Magic & Illusions

Featured Acts

There are several types of shows that James Cielen performs:


The Rainbow Dove Act - a fast paced show performed James Cielen & the Dovesto music, using multicolored doves which appear, disappear, and even change color. This act leaves audiences spellbound, and has helped to earn James some of the top awards in the world. The length is ten minutes but can range from four to 20 minutes to suit the occasion. James and his feathered friends have performed for national television in the United States, Canada, and Japan. This act was featured on CNN International News from a performance in Yokohama Japan. He has performed this act at the Tropicana Hotel, the Orleans, the Monte Carlo, and the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.
James has been flown around the world to perform this act for various conventions and corporate events.



Cielen with 2 spectators

Stage/Cabaret Show - a 15 to 45 minute show including some incredible feats of magic. Comedy and the participation of some audience members are the main highlights. James performs this type of show most often on luxury cruise ships around the world.




Close - Up Magic - suitable for banquets, cocktail parties, hospitality suites, or television appearances. Traditionally, James performed for small individual groups, or tables of people. As he went from table to table, each audience member participated in their very own personalized magic show. This type of show, with personal contact, would highlight their evening and make it truly memorable. One of James Cielen's appearances on the Statler Brothers' Television Show featured his close-up magic presentation.

Currently, James performs a Close-up Show. Utilizing a large video screen in the background, a close-up of James's hands are projected larger than life! Hundreds of people can see his special magic presentation. A 45 minute presentation is being featured on the luxury ships of Holland America Line.


Illusion Show - featuring large stage productions capable of being seen in large theaters and arenas. Illusions such as the appearance of beautiful assistants, sawing a lady in half, or the floating lady, can be presented. Taking magic into the next millennium, some new state-of-the-art illusions create a breathtaking experience.

Illusions involving company executives or employees are also available. The company president can appear from an empty box, he/she can be sawed in half, have his or her head chopped off care of a French guillotine, or be involved in any number of other illusions.

An Evening of Magic - a one hour show combining the Rainbow Dove Act, Cabaret Magic and some incredible illusions. This is the show featured on Holland America Line. The show can include some of the following:

"Gold Medal Winner"
Psychic Sock Sorcery
"Amazing Feet of Magic"
Spike the Mosquito
"Alaskan State Bird"
Thumbcuffs of Death
Ship In A Bottle
"No Deposit, No Return"
The Looking Glass
"Reflections of the Twilight Zone"
"Divide and Conquer"
"Poultry in Motion"
"The Illusion of Origami"
Symphony of Rings
"Timeless Magic"
Sunday Paper
"Mincing Words"
Floating Silver Ball
"Defying Gravity"
Saskatchewan Spaghetti
"Pasta Prestidigitation"
Straitjacket Challenge
"Fight for Freedom"
Phone Book
"I Don't Need One"
Amazon Smoke
"Tribal Rites"
"At'sa My Boat"
"Deep Sea Sorcery"
Baker's Dinner Roll
"High in Fiber Content"
"Burning Barbie in Two"
Inside - Outside Boxes
"Gozinta Boxes"
"Swimming With The Fishes"
Houdini's Milk Can
"Death-Defying Escape"

Magician & Illusionist
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